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I’d love to hear your experience from his classes. Please leave any messages or comments by using the link below.

Click Here to leave feedback on your experience at Clem’s Woodturning classes.


Just completed a 3 day course with Clem and have come away with a huge amount of knowledge and confidence thanks to his teaching abilities and excellent facility not forgetting to mention lunch supplied each day. Highly recommend.- Dominic


Just came back from the 2 day course with my wife Tracey Mitchell and Clem as the excellent tutor. We both enjoyed the experience immensely. Clem’s style of teaching and his vast knowledge helped us to produce 2 excellent items each. I would highly recommend anyone looking to have some private training or class training to contact Clem before you try anybody else, you won’t be disappointed.


I’ve just had a 2 day course with Clem, what can I say, FANTASTIC, I’ve learnt so much and the quality of the work we done is brilliant. Time went by so quick I should have booked him for a 3 day course… CHEERS … Tony

Hello Clem,

Sorry I’ve been so long completing your survey but could not tear myself away from the lathe!

  1. Did you enjoy the course ? I did enjoy the course very much indeed. It had the right balance of instruction and ” hands on “
  2. Were all the questions answered satisfactorily ? Yes all I asked was explained very well indeed.
  3. Did you learn all that you had hoped to ? I did and was very delighted with the finished item. I look forward to the second day and need it though.
  4. Do you think you received value for money ? One to One, for a whole day ! Excellent value for money.
  5. Would you recommend the course to others ? Yes without a doubt.
  6. Is there anything else you would like to see included in the course content ? It was a pretty full day as it was and the second day should fill in all the blanks I will need, thank you. It was a very enjoyable and useful day indeed. Since I came home and started working on my own rather poor lathe, I seem to have forgotten a lot now have had to learn to duck when pieces of wood fly off the lathe and bounce around the room. I have also split a few small pieces and once caught my knuckles on the heavy chuck – no splintered bone but a wee bit of blood. Will not do it again ! ! ! I think I will spend the next few weeks on spindle work and leave the bowl work until the next course. I also have a heap of old tools and would value your word on there uses and dangers !

Getting quite timid with all this flying timber ! Would Sunday 20th May be alright for the follow up day ?

Finally thank you very much for a most enjoyable day, You really insired and motivated me but it will be a wee while before I turn out a lovely box like the one you got me to do. Its not quite the same without you at my shoulder and taking the odd hand at the lathe !

All the best and keep on enjoying the turning.

Ron Marnie.


Excellent course for a total novice like me, and sure that with the knowledge of Clem he is one I would return to for further training

Thank you, Ken Greendale.


Hi Clem,

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the tuition you have been giving my father

(David Woods) for the past couple of weeks, he has thoroughly enjoyed the time he has spent with you and has been telling me how much he has learnt. We could not have found him a better gift for his birthday.

many thanks, Michael