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Beginners Course

Day 1

An introduction to the lathe, an explanation of the basic components, accessories and the tools.


An introduction to a selection of tools for spindle turning, basic cuts between centres from a square selection to round, shaping,forming a spigot, and parting off. Creating a chuck grip and the basics of end grain hollowing.

This will cover the use of a roughing gouge, spindle gouge, skew chisel, parting tool, scrapers, measuring tools, abrasives, and the application of finishing products.


Complete a small spindle project to take home. If time allows, tackle end grain hollowing, such as an egg cup or box.

Lunch is included

Day 2


An introduction to a selection of tools and the sharpening of tools.

Basic cut with a bowl blank mounted on a face plate or screw chuck, shaping and forming a chuck grip and other mounting procedures then hollowing the bowl.

The use of a bowl gouge,scrapers,abrasives and finishing products, then to sharpen tools on a bench grinder.


Complete a simple bowl to take home.

Again Lunch is included

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